Teachers are concerned with making students more active and, by the same token, more attentive in class.

Here is the solution: The Sensory Path.

The permanent courses that we offer aim to promote the motor development of students while improving the practice of physical activities at school.

The Active Corridor is very popular with teachers and students. It allows children to be more available to learning and to be more concentrated, because their need to move is satisfied. This active break is very beneficial.

The Active Corridor allows students to circulate in a controlled and safe manner in the corridors. In this way, the corridor is no longer a running track, where interventions multiply, but rather a fun motor course for all.


Stair Risers - I Can Hop

Stair Risers - I Can Hop

Here are the steps to take to complete your proj..


Dinosaur Hops

Dinosaur Hops

   Thanks to this sensory path, children will be..



An efficient and innovative

way to supplement the need

for movement of the little ones.